As China has become the world's largest LCD TV market and China-based vendors have dominated the market, local TV panel makers are moving product development forward from mainstream 32- and 37-inch sizes to larger sizes such as 55-inch and higher resolutions such as 4Kx2K, according to industry sources.

China's TV market is still showing steady growth and there is high demand for TV products from local vendors as almost 80% of the TV market share in China is to local-based vendors. Local consumers are reportedly becoming more interested in large-size TVs along with ones that have higher resolutions, added the sources.
The sources said that at present Taiwan-based LCD TV panel makers largely have technological advantages over China-based ones but that the China ones are catching up with high-resolution, 3D and thin-type LCD TV panels. China-based panel makers are also being pro-active in seeking new talent, and makers such as BOE and China Star Optoelectronics (CSOT) are continuing to expand their TFT LCD panel production capacity, added the sources.
The sources also said that China-based panel makers might also start to outcompete Taiwan-based ones by 2015 as the China government is passing new plans to expand the country's display industry.