系列に液晶パネルメーカーCSOT(China Star Optoelectronics Technology)を従えており潤沢な供給を受けている強みがあります。

"China-based TV vendor TCL has reached nearly 14 million in LCD TV sales from January throughout the end of November 2012, and may surpass Sony in overall TV sales by the end of the year.
TCL's TV sales from January to the end of November 2012 are a 50% on-year increase and have already pushed the vendor up to the number four spot globally in terms of TV sales in 2012. Market observers said that if TCL reaches its goal of 15.2 million TV sales by the end of December 2012, it is likely to surpass Sony in sales and take over the number three spot.
The observers said TCL's jump to the number three spot is a likely possibility due to an expected increase in TV sales within China during December in anticipation for the Lunar New Year holiday in early 2013.
TCL at present is China's largest TV vendor and has ample panel supply panel maker China Star Optoelectronics Technology (CSOT) in the TCL Group. CSOT had 96% yields in November along with a monthly production capacity of 112,000 substrates, said the observers."