LGディスプレイが大型OLED TV市場の成長に備え、第8世代WRGB OLED TVの新規ライン(M2)に関し、15日の理事会で7,063億ウォンの投資を決定した。
 京畿道坡州(パジュ)P9工場にあるM2ラインは、月2万6,000枚(ガラス基板投入ベース)の生産能力を持つ8世代(2,200㎜×2,500㎜)WRGB OLED蒸着ラインで、来年上半期中に量産に入る計画だ。
LGディスプレイは迅速な先行投資でOLED TV市場の主導権を固める戦略と見られ、超大型ウルトラハイビジョン(HD)曲面型(Curved)など、差別化したOLED製品群で、次世代TV市場をリードする計画としている。
LGディスプレイは、先月2日から世界初の予約販売を開始した55インチOLED TV用パネルを供給している。

LG Display announced on the 18th that it has decided to invest KRW 706.3 billion (approximately USD 652 million) in a new OLED TV panel line (M2). 
The M2 line will have a monthly production capacity of 26,000 8th generation (2,200mm x 2,500 mm) glass panels and is to be installed inside the P9 plant in Paju, Kyunggi province for the full-scale production starting from the 1st half of 2014. 
With the confidence it gained by launching the world’s first 55-inch OLED TV panel in January, LG Display is planning to acquire a mass-production capacity by this investment within the next year. 

The M1 line that currently produces the OLED TV panels has a monthly production capacity of 8,000 panels. LG Display was not able to mass-produce the OLED panels because the M1 line was loaded with pilot production and R&D, as well as the commercial production. With the M2 line in full production, the company will be able to mass produce the new panels and continue its research on the ultra-large and the flexible OLED panels. 
Meanwhile, the OLED TV panel market is expected to grow to the size of USD 3 billion in 2015 and lead the next generation TV market, according to NPD Display Search.