SHARP, the leading company in the small & medium-sized LCD panel market, is starkly changing its supply strategy. After inviting investments from Samsung, the Japan-based company is strengthening its cooperation with Samsung.

According to the industry on May 8, SHARP stopped the production of LCD panels for iPad as of January this year and started supplying Samsung with small & medium-sized IGZO panels instead.

The Japanese LCD maker is going to focus on producing LCD panels for Samsung. IGZO panels commercialized around the end of last year will be provided for Samsung’s laptop computers.

Starting from an 11.6-inch IGZO panel, SHARP is planning to supply various types of IGZO panels. As such, the company is expected to sharply increase the production portion for laptop computer LCD panels which the company hardly produced in the past. According to DisplaySearch, a market research firm, SHARP has a plan to double the production of laptop computer LCD panels on a quarterly basis. And the company is also planning to supply large-sized LCD panels for 15 -inch laptop computers sometime soon.

“SHARP is focusing on the production of IGZO panels as its new growth engine. It was initially known that the company would provide the product to Apple, but it has changed its supply strategy for Samsung,” says a source from the industry.