China-based OLED maker Sichuan CCO Display Technology will invest CNY7 billion (US$1.14 billion) to construct a 4.5G AMOLED production line with a monthly capacity of 30,000 substrates in Chengdu, western China, with construction to begin in mid-2014, be completed in 2015, and production to begin in 2016, according to the company.

The line will produce 2.6- to 10-inch AMOLED panels mainly for use in handsets, 4.3- and 5.0-inch will be mainstream sizes, the company indicated.

Sichuan CCO Display has an existing 2.5G (370mm by 470mm substrate) PMOLED production line with an annual capacity equivalent to 12 million 1-inch panels, the company noted. The company produces 0.7- to 2.5-inch PMOLED panels and consumer electronics equipped with such panels because PMOLED panels alone are not very profitable.

In view of technology trends and market development, Sichuan CCO Display has shifted its operating focus from PMOLED to AMOLED, the company said. Sichuan CCO Display has developed 2.6- to 7.6-inch AMOLED panels. Sichuan CCO Display has obtained 501 patents concerning AMOLED, with 402 issued in China and 99 by foreign countries, the company noted.