LG has officially introduced the new LG Curved OLED TV for the US market.

Best Buy has begun selling the 55-inch class (54.6-inch diagonal) 55EA9800 at a Minnesota-based store. In the coming weeks, various Best Buy stores will sell the TV at US$14,999, the company said.

LG is the first company to commercialize both the flat screen OLED TV, which has been sold to consumers in Korea since January 2013, and the new Curved OLED TV, which began sales in Korea in April.

The TV is 0.17 inches (4.3 millimeters) thin at the edge of the screen and weighs less than 38 pounds (17.2 kilograms). It is equipped with a WRGB four-color pixel system featuring a white sub-pixel that works in conjunction with conventional red, green and blue pixels.

OLED TV technology from LG Electronics delivers an infinite contrast ratio for optimal contrast levels regardless of ambient brightness or viewing angle, said LG.