量産の本格化は2015年。 2014年は顧客獲得に動き、値下げ合戦が繰り広げられる ...
台湾メーカーの読 みですが、日本や韓国メーカーも機先を制する動きが必要か!

Taiwan panel makers are dropping pricing for their small-size panels in order to compete against China-based panel makers for handset panels at the beginning of 2014. China panel makers are continuing to shift production capacity from large-size panel production to small- to medium-size production in order to meet increasing handset and tablet demand in China. This shift in capacity is expected to strengthen throughout 2014 and hit a very strong point in 2015 when various new fabs in the nation are expected to go into production.
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 The trend is putting pressure on Taiwan makers to drop pricing for their small-size panels as the China makers are reportedly using low prices to attract more customers. Additionally, as demand for high-end smartphone panels is cooling down coupled with increased competition from Japan-and Korea-based panel makers, Taiwan makers are likely to face challenges in 2014, and their performances in the fourth quarter of 2013 into the first quarter of 2014 are likely to be affected as well.
 The Taiwan panel makers, however, are looking to solutions such as more integrated supply chains in addition to finding ways to lower costs.