55EC9300-3While still exorbitantly expensive, prices on LG's OLED TVs are falling fast. LG has announced its second-generation OLED TV, the 55EC9300, will be on sale at Best Buy on August 24 for $3,500.
It's available for preorder now at BestBuy.com. That's not much more than the highest-end 55-inch LCD TVs, like Samsung's UN55HU9000 ($3,300) and Sony's XBR-55X900B ($3,000).
Unlike those models however, LG's newest OLED has 1080p resolution, not 4K. But OLED delivers superior picture quality to any other TV display technology. That's why I expect the EC9300 to significantly outperform those two, and pretty much every other other non-OLED TV currently available, despite its lower pixel count.
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