AU Optronics (AUO) has announced it has spent NT$4.429 billion (US$140.56 million) to purchase a 100% stake in its color filter affiliate Toppan CFI.

Toppan CFI facilities in Taiwan were established by Japan-based Toppan Printing back in 2001, with AUO purchasing a 49% stake back in 2006. AUO's investment will reportedly help AUO increase its color filter self sufficiency to over 90%.
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凸版CFIは台南に4.5G, 5G,6Gのラインを高雄に5Gのラインを保有しいる。(管理人注=保有キャパシティ G4:80K/M, G5:160K/M, G6:40K/M)
Toppan CFI has 4.5G, 5G and 6G facilities in Taiwan's southern city of Tainan in addition to a 5G fab in Kaohsiung.

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