DigiTimesによると、台湾AU Optronics(AUO)、Innoluxは2015年におけるUltra HD-TVの世界需要が堅調に推移するものと見ている。AUOでは、2015年のUltra-HD-TVの世界出荷台数が2300万~2500万台に達し、このうち自社のUltra HDパネルのシェアは13~15%と予測しているという。
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TFT-LCD panel makers AU Optronics (AUO) and Innolux are optimistic about global demand for Ultra HD LCD TVs and expect global shipments in 2015 to reach 23-25 million units.

Global Ultra HD TV panel shipments are expected to reach between 23-25 million in 2015 and achieve a 13-15% penetration in the market, according to sources at AU Optronics (AUO).

Ultra HD TV sales hit around nine million in 2014 to achieve a 4% penetration, the sources said, adding that 40-inch units led in overall shipments. Heading into 2015, however, Ultra HD TVs sized 50-inch and above are expected to lead the way and comprise 30% of AUO's overall 50-inch and above size TV panel shipments.

The sources added they expect more TV vendors to release 60Hz Ultra HD TVs in 2015.

AUO expects to continue dropping pricing for Ultra HD TV panels in 2015, which is also expected to influence the amount of overall Ultra HD TVs shipped during the year, the sources noted.