skyworth 4k oled中国のテレビ(TV)ブランド大手Skyworth(創維)は同25日、超高精細4K(4K2K)の有機EL(OLED)TVの55型新製品を1万5000元(約28万3000円。1元=約18.9円)で販売すると表明した。同時に発表した65型は2万6000元。(価格情報は別ソースより) 年間3万台の販売を目指す。パネル自体はLGより供給を受ける。
同社のTV部門CEOのLiu Tangzhi氏は2020年までにテレビの15-20%(数量ベース),金額ベースでは30%が有機EL(OLED)TVになるとしている。


2社のライバルのハイセンスは、ULED(Ultra LED)が最善の選択として有機EL(OLED)からは一線を画す。同社は有機EL(OLED)の原価の90%がパネル自体で収益性に疑問を呈している。

Chinese TV makers believe time is right for OLED technologyの和訳(概要)でした。


A decade after flat LCD TVs replaced bulky cathode ray tubes, the sector is now preparing for a new generation of products using OLED (organic light-emitting diode) technology, according to Shanghai's China Business News.

Chinese TV makers Konka and Skyworth both recently launched their latest 4K OLED products, believing that it is the TV technology of the future, according to the report.

Skyworth, along with South Korea's LG and Samsung, unveiled OLED TVs in 2013, but none of the companies achieved commercial scale and Samsung stopped producing OLED products last year.

Skyworth announced on Aug. 25 that its first mass-produced 4K OLED TVs will soon hit the market and that it is targeting sales of 30,000 units this year. Liu Tangzhi, CEO of Skyworth's TV division, said the company has been preparing for the product launch for two years and can now go ahead with its plans after LG Display began mass production of 4K OLED panels in June.

Liu said OLED TVs can be made even thinner than LCD panels because the former are not backlit, and OLED technology also achieves deeper black levels and better contrast than other screens.

Liu forecasts that the penetration of OLED TVs will reach 15%-20% of overall TV sales by unit and 30% of sales by value in 2020.

Liu Dan, president of Konka, which plans to begin selling 4k OLED TVs on Oct. 1, said OLED TV prices have dropped to only double the price of LCD units and now is the time to introduce such products to the market.

When the price drops to only 20% higher than LCD units, OLED TVs will begin to replace LCD units on a large scale, according to the Konka president.

That threshold may still be far away, however. Sigmaintell Consulting vice president Li Yaqin said LCD panel prices have dropped rapidly because of a supply glut, making it difficult for OLED products to compete against the low prices of LCD TVs.

While Skyworth and Konka have bet on OLED technology, local rival HiSense believes the Ultra LED (ULED) products it has developed present a better option, and it sees laser TVs as the future of the television industry, the report said.

HiSense said Chinese TV manufacturers will not make much money on OLED products, since nearly 90% of the costs lie in the display panel itself.