2017 The OLED Korea conferenceが3月8~9日に韓国ソウルで開催されました。
Flexible DisplayのApplication & Technical Issueについての議論や材料の開発状況、 inkjet printingの状況、さらにQLEDに関する発表も興味深いものだったと思います。

– Date:  March 8 – 9, 2017
– Time:  9:00 – 18:00(18:00~ Reception)
– Venue:  Novotel Ambassador Gangnam, Seoul, Korea

    Day 1 (08. March)

Day 1     Time     Title     Speaker
Exploring New Opportunities
09:00~09:10     Welcoming Speech     Prof. Yong-Seog Kim
President, SID
09:10~09:50     [KEY NOTE] Future Of OLED Display     Choong Hoon Yi
Chief Analyst/President, UBI Research
09:50~10:10     Coffee Break
10:10~10:50     [KEY NOTE] The Future TV is Here, It’s OLED     Soo Young Yoon
Head of LGD Laboratory/Vice President, LG Display
10:50~11:30     [KEY NOTE] New Opportunities for Phosphorescent OLED Displays     Mike Hack
Vice President of Business Development, UDC
11:30~13:10     Lunch
Better Materials for Better Performance
13:10~ 13:45     Application of Transparent Polyimide for Flexible Devices     Chung-Seock Kang
Vice President, Kolon Industries Inc.
13:45~14:20     Efficient blue TADF emitter: material in high demand     Andreas Haldi
Chief Marketing Officer, CYNORA
14:20~14:55     Reliable water vapor barrier evaluation technique
for high barrier films in flexible organic electronics     Akira Suzuki
Group Leader, CEREBA
14:55~15:15     Coffee Break
15:15~15:50     The future of OLED materials: Merck’s strategic direction     Remi Anemian
Head of Global Technical Marketing OLED, Merck
15:50~16:25     Advanced Materials for Solution Printing of AMOLED Displays     David Flattery
Global Business Manager, DuPont
16:25~17:05     Silicone Material for Next Generation Display     Sun Yoo
OLED Team Leader, Momentive
17:05~17:40     Thin Film Barrier Design Considerations for OLED     Chyi-Shan Suen
Director of Business Development, Henkel
Networking Reception (18:00~ 19:30)

    Day 2 (09. March)

Day 2     Time     Title     Speaker
08:00~09:00     Networking Breakfast     Sponsored by Cynora
Exploring New Opportunities
09:00~09:40     [KEY NOTE] Flexible Display: Application & Technical Issue     Taewoong Kim
Principal Engineer, Samsung Display
09:40~10:20     [KEY NOTE] Development of Foldable AMOLED Displays     Li Lin
Principal Researcher, Visionox
10:20~10:30     Coffee Break
10:30~11:05     Activities in ETRI for beyond Flexible OLEDs     Jeong-ik Lee
Assistant Vice President, ETRI
11:05~11:40     Current Stauts and Issues of QLED Displays     Changhee Lee
Professor, Seoul National Univ.
11:40~13:10     Lunch
New Technology for The Next Generation
13:10~ 13:45     Challenges for RGB AMOLED Beyond Mobile Display     Jacky Qiu
Vice President, OTI Lumionics Inc
13:45~14:20     Occam’s matrix: A simple solution to the active-matrix backplane problem     Max Lemaitre
Doctor, nVerpix, LLC
14:20~14:55     Molecular-scale simulation approaches to overcome challenges in OLED stack development     Siebe can Mensfoort
CEO, Simbeyond
14:55~15:15     Coffee Break
Equipment for Large Size and Better Result
15:15~15:50     Deposition system for White OLED TV and Lighting     MyungWoon Choi
Technology Fellow, YAS
15:50~16:25     The business of disruption: How inkjet printing enables cost-effective OLED mass production     Jeff Hebb
Vice President , Kateeva
16:25~17:00     OLED Manufacturing Technologies: OVPD for organic thinfilm deposition and OPTACAP for barrier film deposition     Juergen Kreis
Director, AIXTRON SE
17:00~17:35     Minimizing Slot Die Coating Edge Effects and Patterned Coating     Alex Choe
Managing Director, nTact
(i+L Company, Korean Agent)