Suppliers are trying to ignite replacement demand in the TV market with higher resolutions (4K, 8K), WCG (Wide Color Gamut), HDR (High Dynamic Range) and higher luminance. In the TV market, LCD panel suppliers are trying to reduce the image quality performance gap with OLED.
TV manufacturers are shifting to higher resolutions to offer better picture quality. But adoption of WCG and HDR with 4K resolutions really helped consumer to see the visual quality differences and experience it. Quantum dot enhanced backlight light in LCD TV takes it to the next level with an even wider range of colors and luminance.

Quantum dot display technology products provide better color purity, wider color gamut, brighter more immersive HDR experience, while maintaining power efficiency. But it still has many challenges such as higher prices, environmental concern about cadmium-based products and performance level of some non-cadmium products. There are many suppliers working on this technology. Nanosys and Hansol are the major volume quantum dot material manufacturers in 2017.
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