LGD OLED restmb_idxmake.phpLGディスプレイは、建設中のパジュの10.5世代の工場P10で、有機ELを生産することを決定したもようだ。

LG Display has decided to roll out OLED displays at its new manufacturing factory, called P10, in Paju, ditching its original plan to produce large-sized LCDs, according to sources on June 18.

The Korean display firm initially planned to produce 10.5-generation LCDs at the new factory first, and then transition the manufacturing lines into those for OLED later. The global LCD supply bottleneck caused by fast-growing Chinese display companies and negative outlook on competitiveness of Korean firms in the global LCD segment has forced LGD to make the switch.

The decision was made at a recent conference of LG Group’s affiliates.

Consequently, the installation of display manufacturing equipment has been put off with the recent change of plans.

“We had been ordered to supply manufacturing facilities in the third quarter this year, but LGD recently postponed the schedule to around the second quarter next year,” an official from firm’s contract partner said.