1000x-1アップルの強さは、pricing powerに集約される。記事内で紹介されているが、殆どの年で対前年比でiPhone平均単価を上げて売り切っている。

Apple Inc. proved one thing this year: It can charge whatever it wants for iPhones. Its growth rests on its ability to maintain that pricing power.

Mark Gurman and Debby Wu of Bloomberg News revealed more details of Apple’s planned makeover for its fall 2018 iPhone models. There will be an updated version of the 2017 iPhone X; a higher-end, larger-screen edition of the iPhone X, presumably with an even higher-end price; and an iPhone X-like model with some more basic parts that will serve as the entry level model in Apple’s 2018 lineup.

Like Apple’s 2017 iPhone editions, there will be three current year models but with even clearer product and pricing segmentation: good, better and best.

Here’s the thing, though: Apple has never done well selling the “good” phones in its lineup. That has hardly mattered because the more entry-level models effectively serve another duty: They push people to the more expensive versions that Apple increasingly relies on for its sales growth.