mainASIT40072A3MPNAASI Displays is currently featuring ASI-T-40072A3MPN/A and ASI-T-40072A3MP6/A, a 4.0” TFT, with IPS all view, and 720 X 720 resolution

The ASI-T-40072A3MPN/A, and the ASI-T-40072A3MP6/A, with CTP feature a 4.0” square screen, with an IPS all-view. Operating temperature of -20 +70 deg. C; storage temperature of -30 to +80 deg. C. Features 4 lane MIPI, great contrast of 900, and 300 nits brightness. A sharp looking display perfect size for various home automation and home appliances.

Applications include home automation, consumer/industrial appliances, auto/aviation/marine equipment, POP, vending machines, communication equipment, security equipment, industrial equipment, medical equipment etc.