NHK_concept 3DA team of researchers headed by Hayato Watanabe within the Science and Technology Research Laboratories at NHK (Tokyo, Japan) is developing a novel lightfield based 3D TV system. The display is reported as producing an image that has both horizontal and vertical parallax and does so with reduced crosstalk as compared to other lightfield approaches. The system is called Aktina Vision.

An interesting point to note is that the word aktina derives from the Greek word “aktina” meaning ray of light.

A recent article by the team on this topic is entitled “Aktina Vision: Full-parallax three-dimensional display with 100 million light rays.” It was published in Scientific Reports volume 9, Article number: 17688 (2019). A copy of the article is available on line and can be found here.

In this article, the researchers describe prior art lightfield based displays as producing 3D imagery with inadequate quality for commercial TV applications.

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