CAMPBELL, Calif. and AUSTIN, Texas, June 16, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- One of the many highlights of the upcoming SID/DSCC Business Conference (Aug. 3-7), sponsored by Applied Materials, GE and OTI, will include the opportunity to capture insights from an extensive collection of leading market and financial analysts.

There will be 14 presentations from 13 leading analysts from nine different companies including:


    Tom Kang, Research Director and Managing Director


    Dragon Cui, CEO


    Ross Young, CEO
    Bob O'Brien, President
    Yoshi Tamura, President of Asian Operations
    Sid Mohan, Director of Research
    Rita Li, Director of China Operations

IHS Markit

    Kyle Davis, UI/UX Senior Analyst

J.D. Power

    Kristin Kolodge, Executive Director, Driver Integration and HMI


    David Hsieh, Senior Director, Display Technology

Mizuho Securities

    Yasuo Nakane, Global Head of Technology Research

The NPD Group

    Stephen Baker, Vice President, Industry Advisor – Technology & Mobile

UBI Research

    Dr. Choong Hoon Yi

These industry experts will provide deep insight into the following topics as well as many others:

    LCDs – Supply/demand and pricing outlook and more
    OLEDs – Smartphone penetration and the outlook for other applications
    Smartphones – brand share, region share, model share and much more
    Foldable displays – latest outlook, bottlenecks, opportunities, etc.
    TVs – Market share, growth by country/size, latest technology advances, etc.
    Automotive – Display market opportunities, growth, OLED opportunities, etc.
    IT – Latest view on notebook, tablet and monitor demand, WFH impact, future advances and roadmaps, etc.
    Quantum Dots - QD-OLED vs. QNED vs. MicroLEDs, ELQD outlook, etc.
    MicroLEDs – Latest developments, bottlenecks, opportunities, etc.
    Investment Opportunities
    And more

At under $500, the SID/DSCC Business Conference Webinar is a great value with not only 14 analyst presentations worth tens of thousands of dollars, but presentations from 16 manufacturers as well. To register, please visit