hisense dual cell tv CPHisense's new Dual Cell technology offers the best contrast levels of any LED/LCD television we've seen to date, achieving blacks approaching that of an OLED without sacrificing brightness. That said, the 65SX suffers somewhat from image processing issues and half-baked Alexa integration.

Terrific black levels
Dolby Vision and Atmos support
Subwoofer adds exceptional bass
Impressive brightness

Occasional image scrambling
Half-baked Alexa integration
VIDAA OS still lacks key apps
No HDMI 2.1 support

Hisense is banking pretty hard on its new Dual Cell TV technology, which employs traditional local dimming along with two precision-bonded LCD layers (one cell for colour and a grayscale cell for luminance) in order to achieve previously unobtainable black levels on a non-OLED display.

In a nutshell, that means that Hisense's 65SX is able to reach black levels that are incredibly close to that of an OLED television, only without sacrificing brightness and color.

In fact, the Chinese manufacturer is so confident in the technology that it is no longer producing OLED televisions, opting instead to make the Hisense 65SX Dual Cell TV its new flagship.

The 65SX also boasts excellent sound for a television, with front-facing speakers that offer Dolby Atmos audio, and an included wireless subwoofer that can be placed anywhere in your room or connected to the TV's stand.

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