Garmin has just announced the D2 Air which has a 1.2″ (30.4mm) diameter AMOLED touchscreen and an optional always-on mode, it’s destined for the aviation market.

This certainly signals the fact that Garmin is moving its AMOLED technology beyond the original Venu. But does this signal that the Fenix will get AMOLED tech too?

First up. A: No! At least not yet.
Garmin’s current aviation range is now the D2 Air ($499), D2 Delta ($899) and MARQ Aviator ($1500). The more expensive D2 Delta is effectively a Garmin Fenix 6 and, unfortunately if you look closely at the specs, the new D2 Air is ‘just’ a Venu model with a few extra features and a different name.

So the high-end Fenix models will NOT move to AMOLED anytime soon, however it looks like Garmin could well be spreading the AMOLED tech across some of its other ‘mid-priced’ ranges. By that, I mean mid-priced to Garmin. The Venu SQ ($200) is mid-priced as far as the wider market is concerned but that’s, sort of, low priced for Garmin.

This means that whilst we won’t see AMOLED in a top-end Fenix, we might see it in a Forerunner, perhaps the 655. Although I don’t think so.

Anyway, I thought it was an interesting announcement and what’s not to like about a beautiful AMOLED screen?