LG Wing_201022_4254The LG Wing is a smartphone unlike any other, with a wild rotating design that makes it stand out when compared to even the weirdest 2020 phones. It’s also the first phone in LG’s new Explorer Project brand, which looks to experiment with new ways to think about how we design and use our smartphones.

The $999 Wing is a bold experiment, but it can’t translate that creativity into a phone that’s worth the added price.

The LG Wing looks cool, but it’s also expensive — at $999, it costs as much as a brand-new iPhone 12 Pro or Galaxy S20 and more than plenty of other fantastic phones. That’s a lot of money to put down on a funky screen gimmick, which ultimately is the biggest factor that separates the Wing from less expensive phones with similar specs, like the Motorola One 5G, the Pixel 4A and Pixel 5, and LG’s own Velvet from earlier this year.

So, let’s talk about those screens.

LookingLooking at the Wing, it’s easy to mistake it for just another supersized Android phone. In fact, it looks similar to the LG Velvet, a phone with which it also shares most of its specs. With a 6.8-inch, 9:20.5 OLED display, it’s just a bit smaller and a bit thicker than a Galaxy S20 Ultra.

Credit to LG’s design here: at 0.43 inches (10.9mm) thick, it’s still compact enough that you wouldn’t necessarily guess that there’s anything more to it. (I tried, in fact, with several family members, none of whom suspected anything out of the ordinary.)

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