AUO is now able to make 32-inch AMOLED screens with the inkjet printing technology that requires far fewer materials and also reduces production costs. The current 4K 144 Hz panels are said to be brighter and offer a wider color gamut compared to conventional OLEDs produced by LG. On the other hand, the rollable displays come with dual-side screens, and each screen is now 50% thinner, while maintaining the same brightness. These 5.6-inch screens are more durable, allowing for more than 100,000 rolls at 9 mm curvature.

The latest advancements from AUO are presented in a recent video where the company’s Senior Associate VIce President Jennifer Lin highlights the importance of “eco-friendly” OLED panel manufacturing, claiming that the inkjet printing process adapted to AMOLEDs can use far fewer materials compared to LCD panel production and even conventional OLED panel production techniques. This aspect also leads to reduced production costs that can translate to up to 25% lower retail prices compared to same size LG OLED displays.
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